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If you are struggling to find a quick and easy way to do your eye makeup then the Clinique Chubby stick Tint For Eyes is a great, easy to use addition for your make up kit.

I have long been an advocate of cream shadows, used on their own or in conjunction with a powder shadow and liners for a strong look. A cream shadow allows you to create a quick and simple shape without the powder dropping down and creating a mess on the rest of your make up! Great if your a beginner.

The chubby stick goes a step further in that it doesn’t dry out, I used mine right to the last drop of colour. It is easy to carry around and the packaging brilliantly simple to use even for the most make up phobic!

I start on the lash line and sweep just past the socket. Blend with clean fingertips or brushes to soften the edges and smooth colour. This is the most simple way to achieve an eye make up.

The colours are soft and wearable, I particularly like the soft bronze and golden tones but if you have silver hair and cool colouring you may want to try the lilac and blue tones.

If you have problems with your makeup staying on or mascara dropping onto your cheeks, it is best to use either an eye primer or some foundation on the eye, powder until dry, then use the Chubby. This will help keep the make up on all day.

Add a sweep of mascara to complete this simple and effective look.

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