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I was working last week on a woman in her forties and was again asked the question of ‘how to create youthful and fresh looking skin using make up techniques?’

It is a question that I am frequently asked both when filming and also for women to know some tips for daily life and so I thought I would let you know my top 6 tips:

  1. Start by reassessing your diet and skin care, if you have been using the same moisturiser for the past 20 years, it would be worth updating it and taking a look at the wonderful new serums and oils on the market. These will addd moisture to the skin and so leave it smoother and easier to work on with make up. Unless you have a sensitivity to SPF, always choose a moisturiser with the highest value possible and definitely over SPF 25.Dr David Fenton consultant dermatologist once told me that SPF 25 was really the minimum we should ideally be using to prevent skin damage. Sugar, Smoking, Sun and alcohol all have ageing effects on our skin.
    More about Dr David Fenton
  2. Choosing an anti age primer to use on top of your moisturiser may seem a little excessive but this is how i begin to create beautiful skin. I like Dermalogica Age Smart primer spf 25 all over the skin or Sisley pore minimising primer, both give the appearance to smooth a mature skin. Apply all over the face.
  3. Add a concealer to the inner and outer part of the eye, ensuring that the colour is only on the dark bits and not on any puffiness.Blend. I like Creme de La mere and Bobbi brown cream concealers. you can also use them on the lines that run from your nose to your mouth to visibly lift the area.
  4. Choose a foundation that has both pigment for smoothing uneven colour but also a soft glow. I love Chanel CC cream but you can also try Hour Glass, Sisley, Bobbi Brown and Guerlain. If you are very oily then try a matt foundation down the centre of the face.
  5. Add cream blusher / bronzer onto your cheek bones, please note if you put the blush under the bone, it an drag the face down. Keeping the colour high gives a visual face lift! Try small amounts bright pinks or corals onto of a liquid bronzer. This really adds a youthful glow.
  6. Complete your look by using a little powder all over the face, however, ensure the eye area is powdered well to prevent your mascara running. Try Estee Lauder, Creme de La Mere or any other fine milled powder so that you can set the look but still keep the glow on your skin.

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